Instruction for use Revul Hemostatic dressing



REVUL® hemostatic dressing is a highly effective blood stopper made from natural substance chitosan, intended for arrest of different types of bleeding. Hemostatic effect is regardless of blood coagulation processes in the body and caused by binding of positively charged elements of material with negatively charged erythrocytes. When contacting with blood, hemostatic dressing REVUL® enhances the absorption of blood liquid fraction and forms a single gel-tremellose mass, thus facilitating the hemostasis.

Chitosan (non-woven naturally occurring material).

Arrest of external bleeding of different intensity, including those at damage of large venous and arterial vessels, mainly, at pre-clinical stage.

Hypersensitivity to chitosan.

Method of application.
Take the REVUL® hemostatic dressing pouch, check the package integrity, open the pouch and take out the dressing.

  1. Perform a tight tamponade of the wound, preferably, above the source of bleeding. Leave hemostatic dressing in the wound. Rests of the dressing can be cut off or pick off if necessary. DO NOT DISCARD THE EMPTY POUCH!
  2. Press tightly a gauze tampon to the wound for 5 minutes.
  3. Apply a compressing bandage to the wound.
  4. Seek medical attention at the nearest first aid station as soon as possible.
  5. Give the empty pouch to medical professionals.
  6. Do not use the remainders of the roll gauze.

CAUTION! REVUL® hemostatic dressing may stay in a patient’s wound for one day. A clot formed by it does not disaggregate or change its properties. After 24 hours, chitosan disintegrates to polysaccharides, and eliminates from the wound in a natural way.

Side effects. Manifestation of chitosan hypersensibility is possible.

Appropriate safety measures when using this product.
Single-use sterile medicinal product.

Open the package immediately before use; the product is not reusable. Check the shelf life and package integrity before use.
In case of damage of the primary package, do not use the product!
The product is for external use only.

Shelf life. 2 years.

Storage conditions. Store at temperature between 5°С and 30°С, keep out of reach of children.

Name and address of manufacturer:
“Yuria-Pharm” Ltd., Ukraine, 18030, The city of Cherkassy, Chygyrynska street, 21.

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