Instructions for use of medical device absorbent hemostatic preparation Revul


for use of medical deviceabsorbent sterile hemostatic preparation Revul

Highly effective hemostatic device based on high molecular weight polymer of natural origin. Is a slightly hygroscopic, yellow or yellow-white fine powder, odorless.Revul– sterile hemostatic powder for external use.

Structure of Revul:
10 grams of powder contains:
Locust bean gum – 9,6 g;
Calcium gluconate – 0,4 g.

Revul is designed to stop external bleeding of varying intensity, including the damage of major venous and arterial vessels, mainly in the pre-hospital phase. Revul can be used in the clinical settings, in the field conditions and at home.

Mechanism of action
When the powder interacting with blood, Revul forms hydrogen compounds with water (as blood consist 90-95% of water), which leads to the aggregation formed elements of blood and clotting factors at the site of contact followed by the formation of a blood clot. This occurs due to the large molecular weight of molecules, which are full of the hydroxyl groups.

Hypersensitivity to the components of Revul.

Dosage and Administration
Before applying Revul, to provide maximum contact of powder with the damaged vessel clean the wound from the foreign bodies, blood clots. Revul powder should be poured directly into the source of bleeding. Blot the wound with the bandage or any other available material.
Fill the wound with package content. DO NOT DISCARD EMPTY PACKAGE!
Press firmly the wound with a bandage or gauze pack for a 5 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, hold it for 5 min more.

Note: In case of strong bleeding to avoid leaching of powder from the wound by the flow of blood, tamp the powder into the wound in any possible way. If the wound is large, and one package is not enough to fill it up, take another package.

Apply a pressure bandage on the wound.
As soon as possible, take the patient to the nearest first aid. Pass an empty packet to medical professionals.
Do not use any remnants of powder.
To stop bleeding in unreachable places, especially in the presence of small inlet openings of penetrating gunshot and bullet wounds is better to use Revul in applicator which makes it easy and effective to penetrate deeply located vessels.

Information for medical staff

  1. Thoroughly clean the wound.
  2. Remove Revulresidues from the wound by a thorough washing the wound with warm 0.9% sodium chloride solution to completely remove blood clots, Revulresidues and other foreignbodies.
  3. Process the wound according to approved standard clinical protocols.

Adverse Reactions
Allergic reactions.

Appropriate safety measures when using
Packaging Revuldisclose immediately prior to use, the tool cannot be reused.
Check the expiration date and the integrity of the packaging before use. If the primary packaging is damaged, do not use the device!
Revulis for external use only. Avoid inhalation and eye contact. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water. Keep out of the reach of children.

Expiration date. 3 years.

Storage conditions.To be stored at temperature not above 30°C.

Packaging.Package of 30 g.

Name and address of manufacturer:
“Yuria-Pharm” Ltd., Ukraine, 18030, The city of Cherkassy, Chygyrynska street, 21.

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